Pruitt Baptist Church was organized in the summer of 1896 and the first building was erected in 1912. In the beginning, church meetings were held once a month in the Congregationalist Church. When the Methodist Church was built, Pruitt met twice monthly there. When Pruitt Missionary Baptist built their first building, Bro. T.M. Post was already pastor, but came only once a month as a circuit preacher. So when the Methodist had services, Pruitt worshiped with them, and when Pruitt had services, the Methodist worshiped with them. Mrs. Carrie York was the last charter member, she died in 1979. The first deacons of the church were E.R. Crocker, A.B. Cade, C.A. Gillentine, W.M. King, Charley Gillentine and Milton Hill. Membership was small in the beginning with some 20 families, but each year the membership list grew. Mrs. Lula G. Hill was the church clerk and treasurer for a great number of years. While hearing the reading of the minutes she kept, you felt as though you were there. It was quite interesting to read and note that every member was referred to as a sister or brother. Business meetings were held on Sundays after church, because of the limited time of the farmer, transportation, and no mid week services.

It was also interesting to note that these farm families gave of what they had. Monthly, they brought their money. Some giving $.50, $1.00, $2.00 or $5.00. Some of these farmers would allow Mrs. Hill to write down their names & donation amounts. In the summer, they added to their money donations the following: bushel of peas, potatoes, corn, and a chicken. A quilt that Sister Morpheme made or a sheet that Sister Galantine made. It was most important to them that the care and feeding of the pastor was clone to the best of their abilities. According to the minutes of April 13, 1947, land was donated by Surrey and Margaret Ray to Pruitt Baptist Church for the move of the building to Hwy 110 when the church saw fit. On June 16, 1947, that building was moved to the present location.